Healthcare in Ireland

Healthcare in Ireland is a tiered system. People are subject to different costs depending on their residency status and their income level. The Health Service Executive (HSE) is the Government agency responsible for delivering public healthcare in Ireland.

Visiting a Doctor

Visiting a GP or Doctor generally costs between €55 and €65 per visit. Individuals and families on low incomes who satisfy certain conditions may be eligible for a medical card which covers the cost of doctor visits and most medicines. Information on applying for a medical card can be found here:

Hospital Care – Accident and Emergency

In general hospital care is free if you are referred to a hospital’s emergency department by a GP. If you attend a hospital accident and emergency department without referral from a GP you may be charged €100.

The €100 charge does not apply to individuals in certain circumstances. You can find out more about that here

Sexual Health

Sexual Health is an important part of every person’s healthcare.

The number of cases of some STI’s, such as Gonorrhoea, are on the rise in Ireland, as are the rates of HIV infection. It is good to get tested once every three months or after you have had unprotected sex and then once more three months later.

There are a number of sexual health clinics in Ireland where you can get FREE screening for HIV and STIs and treatment. Some clinics also give FREE contraception.

sexual health clinics and services

If you have any negative experience with a health service provider please get in touch with SWAI. It is critical that all patients are treated with respect and without judgement.

 Alcohol and Drugs Support

If you would like information about alcohol: how it affects your health, the law on alcohol and driving in Ireland or how alcohol interacts with other drugs check out

If you want information about drugs, such as the different effects drugs can have on you, and the law and drugs in Ireland check out
General Information:
Drugs and the Law: