Mission Statement: to advance the human rights, health, safety, participation and dignity of female, male, cis and trans sex workers


Ask your Candidate By-Election 2021

Ask your Candidate By-Election 2021

What do you think about our sex work laws?  Are you aware of the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI), the only front-line, sex worker-led organisation in Ireland? Are you aware that when sex workers must work alone to work legally? 100% of sex workers SWAI speaks to...

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SWAI works WITH sex workers to fight for and promote the health, safety, participation and dignity of all female, male, cis and tran ssex workers in Ireland. SWAI supports a human rights and harm reduction approach to policy and laws around sex work. We believe sex work should be decriminalised so that sex workers be allowed to work in safety without fear, judgment or stigma.

SWAI believes sex workers themselves should be at the centre of the development of policy which directly impacts upon their lives. SWAI is committed to supporting the participation and leadership of sex workers to advocate and campaign for their recognition, rights and protection in Ireland.


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Sex work and people with disabilities

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