Our Staff

Mardi Kennedy


Mardi (she/her) is a sex worker rights activist originally from Melbourne, Australia. She has worked in community development roles with marginalised folks within the trade union movement, a sex work & allies organisation and locally with the LGBTQIA+ community across Northern Ireland.
Since moving to Ireland, she has campaigned against whorephobia by founding a sex worker peer meetup group, spoken about whorephobia and decriminalisation at various events and delivered sex worker rights awareness training to audiences such as charities, arts communities, sex therapists in training, a human rights festival and public service sectors.
Mardi is extremely motivated to encourage and elevate sex workers to take up space in Ireland.

image of Linda

Linda Kavanagh

Communications and Admin

Linda Kavanagh manages the communications for SWAI as well as the day-to-day admin tasks for the organisation. She has 6 years experience in communications for the Abortion Rights Campaign. She comments on news items, promotes attendance at events, drives readership to our website, leads and moderates conversations around sex workers rights in Ireland. She also comments on public events, provides annotations and recommendations for articles, responds to questions, and post facts to bust the myths around sex work. Her aim is to change the conversation around sex work in Ireland.

Our Board Members

Leea Berry

Leea Berry


Leea Berry is a Domina and activist. After suffering extended and cruel harassment and eventually eviction by the Gardaí under the Nordic model in Ireland she decided something must be done. She joined SWAI to work to fight stigma and work toward the decriminalisation of sex work in Ireland. Sex Workers are humans that deserve human rights. Under current laws, sex workers are denied basic human rights such as the right to food and housing.