Budgeting and Money

Know Your Budget
Sex workers like all self-employed people have an unpredictable income which changes from week to week. It is really important to keep track of money, what you spend and what you earn. Some sex workers write up a weekly or monthly budget so they know how much money they need to make to cover rent and other basic expenses. There are some really good FREE apps you can use on your phone like Wally or Dollarbird. Some people use a Microsoft Excel sheet and record how much they make there. Here’s an example of an Excel tool you can use: DOWNLOAD

When you’re self-employed you never know exactly how much money you make each week or month.  If you get sick, need to take an unexpected break or need to help a family member with an urgent expense it can be really important to have savings or some money left aside as a safety net to protect you. Budgeting can help you track your income and save.

Smart Shopping
Planning ahead and shopping around for deals and offers can help reduce your expenses.

Phone Credit
Try comparing phone plans to get the best deal. Check out this price comparison tool to figure out what’s best for you: https://www.comreg.ie/price-comparison/mobile-phone/calculator/

Condoms and lube
You can grab FREE condoms and lube from the Womens’ Health Project in Dublin 8, HIV Ireland in Dublin 1, the Gay Mens’ Health Service  in Dublin 4, or G.O.S.H.H in Limerick, the Sexual Health Centre in Cork and AIDSWEST in Galway. If you want to get the best deals on condoms you can buy them in bulk online.

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Tax in Ireland
Self-employed people in Ireland register with the Revenue (tax office) to pay their taxes. You can find out more information about that here: http://www.revenue.ie/en/business/running/registering-tax.html#section2 In order to register as self-employed you must have a PPS (social security number). To get a PPS number you need to go to a PPS office with photo I.D. – a passport or driving licence and proof of your address e.g. a bill with you name on it or a bill with your landlord’s name and a letter from them confirming you are a tenant.