Guide to Immigration Stamps in Ireland

Stamp 1
A stamp 1 gives a person permission to:

Stamp 1A

A Stamp 1A gives a person permission to work in full time, paid accountancy training (with a named organisation) for a specified period, subject to conditions.

Stamp 1G
A Stamp 1G gives a person who finished their studies in Ireland and have permission to look for employment here under the Third Level Graduate Scheme, subject to conditions.

Stamp 2
A Stamp 2 gives a person permission to study full-time and work up to 20 hours a week during term time and 40 hours a week during specific holiday periods. Student stamps are renewable every year (for up to 7 years) as long as a student is enrolled in an eligible course and has the required attendance record. A Stamp 2 does not give you permission to be self-employed. See more information here:

Stamp 2A
A Stamp 2A gives a person permission to study full time in Ireland for a course that is not on the official Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP), for a specified period. For example, this may include a semester of studying abroad at an Irish university by a foreign student. You cannot receive any benefits or use publicly funded services, e.g. public hospitals. A stamp 2A does not give you permission to be self-employed or run a business.

Stamp 3
A Stamp 3 gives a person permission to live in Ireland as a dependent of someone else, usually a family member or a voluntary organisation. You cannot do paid work or run your own business on a Stamp 3.

Stamp 4
A Stamp 4 gives a person permission to live, work and run a business in Ireland for a specific period of time. It is given to people who have held a Work Permit for five years OR have had an Irish citizen child OR are married to an Irish or EU citizen OR are a refugee OR have been given leave to remain on humanitarian grounds.