Mission Statement: to advance the human rights, health, safety, participation and dignity of female, male, cis and trans sex workers


Belfast Coffee Gatherings

Emily very kindly offered to host our first Belfast Coffee Gathering in May and we have just had a second one in July. Not only did we get a choice of coffee, tea or squash, but also Emily made to die for freshly baked cakes, that totally ruined my diet, as they were...

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ICRSE Conference

Between the 4th and 6th of June 2015 SWAI took part in a conference involving sex workers and supports from 8 European countries. The event organised by the ICRSE was held to mark the 40th anniversary of the Lyon protests where sex workers occupied the Église Saint...

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May Day

May Day is celebrated around Europe as International Workers Day. A day were we traditionally celebrate workers and demand fair treatment and rights from our employers and governments. This year for the first time SWAI took part in the May Day march in Dublin. We...

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Realising Sex Workers Rights

On February 4 SWAI launched it’s long awaited paper “Realising Sex Workers Rights” to a packed out room in Buswells Hotel. The document is a collaborate project involving SWAI. sex workers, academics, legal experts and health care providers. It aims to bring forward...

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SWAI works WITH sex workers to fight for and promote the health, safety, participation and dignity of all female, male, cis and transsex workers in Ireland. SWAI supports a human rights and harm reduction approach to policy and laws around sex work. We believe sex work should be decriminalised so that sex workers be allowed to work in safety without fear, judgment or stigma.

SWAI believes sex workers themselves should be at the centre of the development of policy which directly impacts upon their lives. SWAI is committed to supporting the participation and leadership of sex workers to advocate and campaign for their recognition, rights and protection in Ireland.


decriminalisation of sex work

Sex work and people with disabilities

Laura Lee on the Late Review