Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI) has announced that its Director, Kate McGrew, is departing having worked with the organisation for a period of six years. During this period SWAI developed into a strong representative body for the rights of sex workers and it also developed as a  service provision organisation.

SWAI said that “Kate has played an invaluable role in building SWAI as a strong voice for sex worker rights advocacy in Ireland. Her work contributed to a  growing awareness among politicians and society of sex workers’ realities and needs. In particular, she worked to improve public understanding of issues related to stigma, marginalisation and the detrimental impact of Ireland’s current criminal laws on sex workers’ lives. Kate was also instrumental in securing an amendment to decriminalise outdoor workers in legislation proceeding through the Houses of the Oireachtas. Her commitment to the development of SWAI and her contribution in progressing human rights and respect for all sex workers in Ireland will always be highly valued and we wish her every success in the future.”

Kate McGrew said: “It has been a privilege to work alongside the members of SWAI for the past six years and I wish them well in their continued work and endeavours.

“Now, however, is the right time for me to concentrate on my artistic work in theatre and music, where I will continue to highlight the injustices suffered by sex workers through stigma and criminalisation, and the continual urgency for the state to acknowledge our needs, as well as our value and contributions to Irish society.”