The Views Of Real Sex Workers Part 2 Kate

I am a Sex Worker and have been involved in this occupation for approximately 4 years. I started
part-time in order to supplement my regular wage and soon discovered that I enjoyed the work and that I would be in a better position to pay off debts incurred through further education and maintain my financial responsibilities better by moving to full-time.

While I am working, I am also furthering my own education, to broaden my choices at a later date.
Where I am enjoying my work now, I can see that I will not always want to remain in this career and am making provision for my future, with the money earned.

As a Sex Worker who works independently I set my own boundaries and work well within them. I vet all my clients on the phone and if they sound abusive or misogynistic I refuse the booking. I am also at liberty to terminate a booking at any point during the time paid for, if I am not entirely happy.
I have created a website that reflects my personality and encourages clients that suit me best.
I largely enjoy the company of intelligent, polite and respectful men who are looking for good company.

In the four years that I have worked, I have never met a man who has abused me or encountered any violence. I have never been forced to do anything that I was not willing to do and where I do need money to pay for the cost of living, I am in a position where I can refuse work if I do not feel up to it due to fatigue, illness or wary of the caller and always put my health and well-being before money.

I have been working around the UK and Ireland touring for the last two years. Currently I work alone, although I feel there are many advantages to working in pairs, as this again would reduce
the possibility of any abuse or violence, especially for the younger girls, who are still picking up life and social skills.
I currently work from apartments and hotels and work discretely, so that other residents or guests are not aware of what I am doing. I believe discretion is important and would continue to be whatever the legislation. I personally would not choose to work for an Agency, Brothel or be a Street Walker, but if ran correctly I’m sure they could be good avenues to take, as long as it is their choice, then it should not matter where you work.

As part of my work I have met men that are suffering with depression, suicidal, going through divorce, recovering from divorce, virgins in their 40+, have Asperger’s and various physical disability’s including one young one man who was bed bound and unable to use his own hands to give himself relief.
He showed me his testimony and as a fit young 15 year old he had a perfectly normal life, but by his mid 30’s he was waiting to die and wishing he was dead. If my being with him for a little time
made it easier to be alive, then who could possibly say it is wrong?
With a bright mind, but unable to communicate clearly and decaying body, what alternative does he have?
It’s all very well to say, ‘then why don’t you see him for free?’ Yet would you say that to any other professional service provider?
Not forgetting the fears of rejection where there is a selection process. This eliminates that to a degree and allows uncomplicated consensual unions.

I enjoy what I do and yes like everyone else I get paid for my work.
I do not believe that poverty or debt are good reasons to say that there is no choice, as everyone works for an income and to raise their standard of living. Sex Work is no different in that respect.
Many women choose Sex Work for its high earning potential, but also because of its flexibility and the opportunities it offers for the future.



(first published April 2013)