Comment on Only Fans 12th November

Only Fans

The Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI) advocate for all sex workers in Ireland, including cam workers. All aspects of cam work are legal but there is still shame and stigma attached to this type of work, and increasingly support from SWAI is sought around issues in this area. SWAI provide non-judgemental information to any sex worker in Ireland. 

Many people enter this type of work because they lack supports. While social welfare remains low and rents remain high many young people will take up this type of work to make ends meet and because it allows them to work less for more money. This is ideal for students who already are strapped for time due to their studies.

We want OnlyFans and all cam workers to know that we are here for them and we ask them to get in contact at 085 824 9305. We will be hosting a drop-in in Dublin 6th where cam workers and sugar babies can meet each other, share knowledge, and get support.